Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Osaka Sushi

Osaka Sushi
1951 Oak Bay Ave.

Another delicious recommendation from NL. Thank youuuu very much!
We first visited Osaka about a week ago and very quickly visited again within the last week!

Fresh, delicious sushi.

We are always looking to see if anyone else's tuna sashimi comes close to Ebizo's so we tend to try it at new sushi places. Osaka's tuna sashimi was quite good, better than some other places in Victoria which will remain unnamed. It was a nice refreshing cold, slightly fishy but not overwhelming and almost had the same melty-texture of Ebizo's. Ebizo still takes the cake for tuna sashimi in Victoria.

We chose 3 rolls to share.. they had a great menu to choose from. Though, some of their specialty rolls were quite expensive. We got 2 from that list, and one from their regular maki rolls.
First, and my personal favourite, was the Green Dragon roll, a specialty roll. A regular tempura prawn roll with mayo, topped with avocado. I find tempura rolls can sometimes lose their crispiness, but this one was so crispy, topped with the mayo and extremely fresh avocado, the roll was surprisingly very creamy. Great flavour and texture. We got this the second time around as well :)
Second, my next favourite, was the Spicy Ahi and Avocado roll. Their spicy mayo is to die for!!! Such a perfect spice kick and very creamy. Again, the extremely fresh avocado topped this roll off. I found the ahi was a little off for me, but SM loved it. Our second time around we got the regular Spicy Tuna and Avocado roll which was also very delicious.
Third, SM's favourite, was another specialty roll.. I believe it was called the Osaka special roll. I think it had tuna sashimi and cucumber inside, topped with red cabbage and seaweed salad. It was very different and pretty tasty, just not quite worth the price.

Our 2nd time back, we tried their California roll -deep-fried style (which they offer on about 3 different maki rolls). We weren't very impressed with the cali roll, the crispiness of the deep-fried style was yummy and we decided we would try it again with a different roll, but the cali itself was a little tasteless.

Our first time was on a Monday, which is free Miso Soup day. I highly recommend going on a Monday because it can't get much better than free miso soup. But they do have specials every day of the week.
Sadly, the place has been VERY quiet each time we have gone, one of which was a Saturday night!! Please, please, pleaseeee check out Osaka Sushi and keep them in business!

We will definitely be bringing our families along for the ride to try the deeeeliciousss Osaka Sushi, right in your backyard and friendly Oak Bay :)
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Update! We have been frequenting Osaka sushi very regularly now. The waitresses and sushi chef know us well!! Our new favourites which we recommend you trying are the hand cones!! Love this place and am so happy to see that it is getting more and more popular each time we go!

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