Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dynasty Restaurant

546 Fisgard St.

Dynasty is a Chinese food restaurant that doubles as an all-day dim sum restaurant! I can't remember how we came across it, possibly wanting dim sum at a non-dim-sum-time, but ever since the first time we've been hooked. This last visit was so satisfying that I knew I had to post about it, mostly because hardly anyone has voted for it on Urbanspoon. We also went on a Friday night and we were their only customers. We were a little thrown off by this because, while the restaurant hasn't ever been super busy when we've come by, there have at least been other customers.

Their dim sum menu is pretty thorough except it is missing vegetables! I like that we can order off a dim sum menu rather than it coming around on carts like at Don Mee's. Because of the lack of vegetables we ordered the green beans in black bean sauce off the regular menu. The male owner came out and told us that they unfortunately did not have enough green beans for the full order and asked if it was ok to add snap peas, which it more than definitely was! The veggies were absolutely delicious!! Crisp, fresh and yummy yummy sauce!!

Next up were our dim sum orders. We ordered the pot stickers (not pictured because they were gobbled up before I remembered to take a picture!!), pork dumplings and the chinese sausage sticky rice.
The pot stickers came with a weird pink sauce that SM said tasted like a wine reduction, so we stuck our pot stickers in the green beans for the black bean sauce! Yum! They were very crisp on the outside and deliciously seasoned on the inside.
The pork dumplings were.. like any other dumpling I think. If you try to explain a dumpling to yourself you'll understand the complexity of putting it into words!
The sticky rice is probably my favourite item of the dinner. Pan fried with chinese sausage, green onions and egg, it is full of flavour and satisfies different taste levels with the slight sweetness of the sausage and the punch of the green onion.

We were glad to see that the food was still delicious despite the quiet Friday night for them. The owners are sweethearts and were consistently checking in on us, clearing plates and topping up our waters. Even with other customers in the restaurant previous times they have been attentive.

I highly recommend checking out Dynasty if you're craving dim sum, or even check out their full Chinese/Cantonese menu.

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  1. I've eaten at Dynasty as well, and enjoyed it very much! Their dim sum is the best I've found so far in Victoria.