Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lady Marmalade

Lady Marmalade
608 Johnson St.

A bit of a hipster joint, Lady Marmalade has a seat-yourself kind of atmosphere. After continually hearing great things about the All-Day Breakfast/All-Day Lunch cafe, we decided we must check it out.

I have to skip right to the food, because I'm salivating just thinking about it......

Sadly, their website only has their Toronto menu on it, which surprisingly does not have the delicious sandwich we BOTH ordered.
It was a breakfast sandwich, served on french bread. It came with scrambled eggs, bacon, avocado, cheddar cheese and a delicious mayo that is escaping me right now. (it also comes with cilantro mayo, but I dislike cilantro).
To top it off, it came with pan-fried potatoes and a delicious salad with dressing similar to the ginger dressing at Japanese Village.

The service was nice at the restaurant. Our waitress was very pleasant and attentive with coffee re-fills. I have noticed extremely mixed reviews on Urbanspoon for Lady Marmalade's service, so I think I will have to go again, (darn!! ;p) to really stick by my claim of good service.
I might mention that we did go during the holiday season/boxing week and it wasn't overly busy and the staff were very pleasant. A good sign, in my opinion.

We will definitely be going back... yummmm......!
Lady Marmalade on Urbanspoon
Update! We did go back to Lady Marmalade and weren't as impressed by the breakfast sandwich the second time around. The salad and dressing were still delicious.

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