Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Big Wheel Burger - Burgers Take Over Victoria PT.1!

Big Wheel Burger
341 Cook St.

"Big Wheel Burger provides the best quality burgers, shakes, sodas and fries through local, sustainable and environmentally friendly resources."

This is Big Wheel Burger's slogan on their website. It's inspiring, makes you feel better about eating burgers and helping your local community.
After seeing reviews on Urbanspoon which were very unfavourable and hearing through family friends to avoid it at all cost, we decided "how bad could it be? let's find out!"

We weren't over the moon with our experience. The staff is friendly and they take your name to call out your order, which I'm always kind of happy about. It personalizes your experience!

Now, time for the food. The food was a bit of a disappointment, I must say.
The patty is definitely homemade, not a cookie cutter patty you'd find anywhere else. It was very chunky and uneven in shape. Not a whole lot of flavour. The cheese on the burger was pretty tasteless as well. Fresh lettuce and a small helping of slightly tasty mayo, the burger was generally pretty bland. Beside their pop machines, which are self-serve, there are a selection of condiments you may add to your burger. Onions, relish, banana peppers and so on. The bun could be a bit more substantial, as the fresh patty juices kinda made it soggy.
The fries were nicely cooked. Golden brown and soft on the inside, slightly seasoned. They weren't a huge disappointment.

Overall, I think if you're feeling like burgers, don't want to go for the whole Pink Bicycle sha-bang!, and are interested in helping your local community, try them out. But don't expect a whole lot of food for the prices you're paying. For $1-2 more, you could have the portions of Pink Bicycle or Bin 4.
If they were to drop their prices, we would consider going back. But for what you get, it isn't quite worth it.

Stay tuned for Burgers Take Over Victoria PT.2!!!
Big Wheel Burger on Urbanspoon
Update! We re-visited Big Wheel burger not too long ago and very much enjoyed our 2nd experience. We tried the famous milkshakes and agree they are pretty fantastic! We would definitely go back again :)

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