Monday, June 18, 2012

Vancouver Series - Sushi Star

Over here for a few days and trying out some new, CHEAP eats!
Our previous sushi favourite, Kamei Royale, proved to be a big fail last visit. Definitely a lunch spot, rip-off for dinner. So, we're here to venture out on a new food journey.
First on the docket, Sushi Star!

Literally a block away from the hotel, I made a short little walk for lunch after seeing great reviews online.
I was warned that it was small, but I got a great window seat all to myself and ordered the Roll & Roll bento box. I chose the spicy tuna roll and yam tempura roll out of about 5 or 6 roll options. The box also came with 2 gyoza, a salad, miso soup and tempura veggies. Can't beat the price! About $12 and change incl tax.
Now for the sushi.
I was excited for the spicy tuna because the pictures showed it came with tempura crunchy bits on top. That's hard for me to resist. It didn't come with it sadly. And the tuna was kind of fishy tasting. Not something I enjoy.
The yam tempura was good. Came with cucumber inside. Quite a large roll. As was the spicy tuna. I wish both rolls had had more flavour.
The gyoza were tiny. But yummy. The salad could have been a bit fresher, though the dressing was yummy.
The tempura veggies were probably my favourite. Perfectly crisp, not at all soggy. 2 green beans which were fresh! One sweet potato and one yam. And one prawn.
The box was filling! If you are hungry and like sushi, I think this place is worth a try! For the money and amount of food you get, I will most likely go again and try something else.
Staff was friendly and attentive!
7/10 overall rating!

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