Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ebizo Sushi

604 Broughton St.

So, Ebizo Sushi made the top of my list!
It is our favourite sushi restaurant in Victoria. The service, however, could be better.. much better.

It always starts off as a driveby to see how busy it is. The night we went it didn't look too bad from the outside. We ended up waiting for approx. 25 minutes once we found parking and got inside. There were lots of empty tables that the waitstaff (only 2 people) were seemingly ignoring and not cleaning up. There were 2 groups of people behind us as well that hadn't even been checked in with.

With our hunger growing and patience dwindling, we were finally seated. We really liked our table location actually. We hadn't sat at this particular table before, a four-person table closest to the window against the wall, but we appreciated that it felt more secluded and quiet.

The first thing to be ordered, green tea. The green tea at Ebizo is the best gen maicha I have ever had. It even trumps the one I make at home. Lifting the lid of the teapot, you are overwhelmed by the smell of toasted rice. YUM!

Our ordering generally consists of the same thing every time.
  • Tuna Sashimi - the absolute best in the city. Cold. Melts in your mouth, yet firm. No fishy smell or taste. Perfection.
  • 2 Dynamite Rolls - every time I bite into a piece of this roll, I am amazed that something can taste so good. Crisp tempura prawn with exceptionally fresh avocado and cucumbers, finished with their homemade mayo.
  • Yam Tempura Roll w/ Cream Cheese - yum. Crisp tempura yam, almost like yam fries stuffed in a roll. We add the cream cheese, and they do charge us 50 cents but it's worth it.

This time, we also started with tempura vegetables which are fresh and crisp. Veggies include: carrots, yam, zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, green beans. I know, green beans!? They are delish.
We also tried the spicy tuna and avocado roll for the first time. SM was a fan but I was not. It was lacking in flavour, but still very fresh. Pleasant enough to eat but I gave most of my share to him.

My recommendation? Make reservations!!! Try to plan ahead to visit this wonderful restaurant. Also, have patience with the low number of waitstaff. Once you're seated, you don't really notice the lack of staff, it's when you're waiting at the door that you feel ignored. Make a reso and I'm sure you won't notice at all!
*there is also a parking lot right beside the restaurant if you don't mind paying evening parking fees.

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