Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shima Sushi

1218 Wharf St.

After MUCH persistence from NL, my family and I finally made it to Shima Sushi! There were a few of us so I will focus mostly on my food, and note on whatever else I nibbled on from others' plates!

As always, started with green tea and goma-ae!! Green tea was nice, a sencha. Goma-ae was similar to Kaz Sushi on Store St. with a sweeter sesame sauce than I prefer. Very beautifully prepared though!

I was also able to sample the tuna sashimi which was heavenly! From the one piece I tried, it was very .. I don't even have the words. It tops my views on Ebizo's tuna sashimi, so that's saying a lot. It deliciously melted in my mouth.

I also ordered the teriyaki beef a la carte, which was served with a miso soup (nothing special) and a side of steak sauce (yum!). It also came with some veggies: broccoli, carrots and bok choy. The veggies looked very plain, and I hesitantly ate a small piece of broccoli and it was absolutely delicious! They had some very delicate seasoning on them and I ate every piece of broccoli I could find on my hotplate! (I love broccoli)

Finally, I had a roll. Mostly because I couldn't resist. I absolutely love sushi, but I was really feeling something warm and comforting, hence the beef teriyaki. I ordered the Victoria roll: smoked salmon, crab, cream cheese, red onion, lettuce and cucumber. With those ingredients I was expecting this roll to be a flavour melting pot! I was sadly disappointed. It really didn't have a lot of flavour to it, but was obviously VERY fresh.

I was also able to try:
tempura prawns (crispy and fresh),
edamame (perfect temperature and salty),
rice with steak sauce (yum. similar to previous versions of azuma's. more similar to Japanese village)

I would definitely go back to Shima to try more things, and I would definitely give their rolls another try.
I definitely think you should try it out!!

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