Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Avalon Restaurant

1075 Fort St.

On Saturday morning I was playing around with my Urbanspoon app and it always comes up with places nearby on the home screen of the app. Avalon always comes up because it is really close to our home, and I walk by it all the time on my way home from work, but it has never stood out as a place to go. It wasn't until that morning that I actually looked into it and saw it was a breakfast place, highly recommended to go to when Blue Fox is packed to the brim. (I hate Blue Fox). We decided to go for it!

My first impression walking in was overwhelming. The place is really quite small and was pretty busy at the time. It was also very stuffy, they had their fans going but it was a bit too cold out to have the door open unfortunately.

I do have to mention that the coffee was not terrible as some reviews had mentioned on Urbanspoon. It was not the best coffee, but it was good enough that I had 2 cups. The menu had lots of options, but I settled on a personal favourite of mine, a lox benny on an english muffin. SM had the basic breakfast with 2 eggs, 2 sausages and hashbrowns with a side of their oaten bread.

The above picture is what my lox benny looked like on their oaten bread which it unfortunately came out on. I asked for the english muffin and sadly it came close to 15 minutes later. SM had already finished his breakfast.
The benny was good though. The hollandaise was just how I like, not too lemony/tangy.
The hashbrowns were probably my favourite part. They were deliciously pan-fried, nice and crispy. They tasted delicious with their ketchup!
SM liked his breakfast as well. The reviews of the sausages were smack on, they are very processed.. think Denny's. Sometimes, there is something satisfying about those junky sausages though!

The service was alright. Our waitress seemed to have a bit of an attitude, but seemed genuinely apologetic for the mixup with my english muffin (not how long it took though). She seemed like a manager-type, very bossy with the other staff.

I would walk by to see what their lunch menu is like before committing to going there again.
I like the proximity of it, but would much rather go to Shine Cafe if I want a yummy breakfast.

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