Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sen Zushi

940 Fort St.

Sen Zushi is our other favourite sushi restaurant. It's handy for us because it's only a couple blocks from our home and we've never had a bad experience.

Our meal at sushi restaurants always starts with green tea, we've become a bit of green tea snobs I must admit. The tea at Sen is quite good, a gen maicha, in a bag rather than loose.

I always start with the goma-ae at Sen because it is the best I have come across. It has the full flavour of a sesame marinade without the sauciness. Covered in sesame seeds and nicely chilled, it is delicious.

Our order fluctuates at Sen, but it usually consists of
  • Dynamite Roll - really yummy. Crisp tempura prawn with a light, sweet soy sauce drizzled on it, with imitation crab, avocado, cucumber and lettuce. This roll has a lot of flavour to it, but I feel they could make it slightly longer and, therefore, the cuts thicker as it is quite flimsy.
  • Kobei Maki - baby shrimp with mayo, avocado and roe. This roll is usually quite yummy and satisfies multiple needs: flavour, softness and crunch. I was slightly unsatisfied with this roll because it wasn't tightly wrapped and it was opening. The seaweed was a little chewy as well, so I found it difficult to bite into.

Other notable items on the menu: Gyoza appetizer, Victoria roll, Mango Lemonade drink.
Items we wished we hadn't tried: Goma Miso Udon, Ginger Pork.
We would love to try the sashimi sometime but unfortunately it is associated with our least favourite thing about the restaurant. The prices. The sashimi is priced at 5 pieces or 10, and the price for 5 pieces is the same price as many other restaurants who give you 8-10 pieces.

The downfalls: The price. The price. And, umm.. the price. For the prices, the quality is not quite there. The food is delicious but need not be at the escalated prices they are.

For the two of us, our meal came to $25, each.. and it wasn't a large amount of food by any means.

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