Sunday, April 3, 2011


1150 Cook St.

We stopped by Pluto's one morning/afternoon looking for somewhere to eat brunch. We were pleased to see that they serve breakfast until 2!

Given the time of day, we both felt like having breakfast, but also felt like having lunch. So, we ordered one breakfast item and one lunch item!
For breakfast, we ordered the chorizo scramble. Eggs scrambled with chorizo, topped with cheese, with a side of sour cream and salsa, served with toast and hashbrowns. It was delicious! The eggs were perfectly done, nice and fluffy but not anywhere near dry. The chorizo was spicy! Such a good kick to it! The toast options were sour dough or multi-grain. We asked for multi but unfortunately got sour dough, was fine though. The hashbrowns were cubed potatoes, nicely pan-fried so they were soft inside but crunchy outside!
For lunch, we both thought the shrimp and avocado sandwich sounded interesting. It was not. Served on multi-grain (we thought that was where the mishap with the toast might have come in), with baby shrimp and fairly fresh avocado, it was seriously lacking in flavour. We were pretty disappointed with it, but it came with yummy onion rings.

Given the location, I'm sure we will go back to Pluto's for breakfast and to try some of the many other menu items!

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  1. I usually look for a more balanced report on eateries and yours all seem so glowing, therefore it made me wonder if you receive some sort of recompense for them or discount of some kind.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I do not receive anything in return for the reviews I do. It is just a fun hobby of mine, that has sadly fallen away. Thanks for your encouragement! I may just start doing them again:)