Monday, June 18, 2012

Vancouver Series - Basil Pasta Bar

Again, another place that had really great reviews. Sounded like a really neat idea. Almost all dishes are $7.95. You choose your pasta, meat, veggies, sauce, toppings. As many options as you'd like. All $7.95. Pretty cool. CKD would be in heaven!
SM and I both knew we had to have the gnocchi, which is a 99c increase in price. I chose chorizo, peas, spinach, alfredo sauce, garlic and parm over my gnocchi. It was a bit too bland for me. I actually, honestly, struggled with coming up with something positive to say about it. ... The parm was nice.
SM ordered his gnocchi with chorizo, peas, tomatoes, and pesto cream sauce, topped with parm. He enjoyed his more than I did but wasn't blown out of the water either.
If you are a sauce-loving, flavour-seeking kinda person, I would pass on this cheap eat!
Service was horrible. Hostess/waitress seemed like she did not want to be there.
My rating: 3/10 overall.
SM: 5/10 overall.
I think we're being a bit generous as well.
A little fresh-ground pepper would really improve the dishes.

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