Sunday, September 30, 2012

La Belle Patate

La Belle Patate 
1215 Esquimalt Rd.
Victoria, BC

This will be a quick little review for the tiny little "restaurant".
They had a larger menu than I expected, but known for their Authentic Quebecois cuisine, we obviously opted for the poutine and 2 steamies.

Oh man, this poutine looks delicious, doesn't it. I will disclose that I have never been to Quebec, nor had an authentic poutine in my life. I have had many a poutine, but none claiming to be authentic.
Let's get down to it.
The fries were quite delicious. The gravy was flavourful. The cheese was a bit too "squeaky" for me. I like when cheese curds melt with the hot gravy and hot fries. This cheese did not, and maybe that is an "authentic" characteristic, but it wasn't for me. Portions were decent for one. I think there were multiple size options, ours were the smaller option.

What a stark contrast in delicious looking food, eh? These "steamies" do not look very appetizing to me. And truthfully they weren't much to call home (or in this case, blog) about.

A very average hot dog wiener. Simple, flimsy bun. "Sauerkraut"/cabbage and onions on top. Mustard inside. I would give these little steamies a pass if I were to visit La Belle Patate again.
Happy Eats!

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