Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shine Cafe

1548 Fort St.


I mentioned Shine Cafe in my review of Avalon because I have yet to find a breakfast place that is better than Shine!

It is BY FAR our favourite place to go for breakfast. YUM YUM YUM!

Having made my way through the menu over the last 3 years I have been going, I always go for the Nemo Benny. Smoked salmon, avocado, red onion and their house hollandaise sauce. It is super delicious. Bennies elsewhere have not compared because of the hollandaise mostly. I find their hollandaise nicely balanced, not too salty, lemony or buttery.

Shine gives you options as a side: roasted hashbrowns, grilled tomato, or Scottish potato scones. I have tried the hashbrowns, which were the cubed variety often found in breakfast places now but I find them a bit too heavily seasoned with rosemary. But whatever floats your boat! I have also tried the Scottish potato scones and I found those to be very plain, and too heavy to have alongside a benny. You can upgrade to fruit salad for $1.50, but I usually just ask for toast on the side.

The coffee is also EXTREMELY delicious at Shine.

The wait to get in, depending on time and day, can be a bit much but usually never more than 25 minutes. They give you a cup of coffee while you wait though, so we never really feel extremely anxious to get in!

The staff at Shine is the topper for us. They are so helpful and friendly. Always checking in and you can really see that they enjoy working there.

I will be going to Shine for many more years :)

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