Monday, September 5, 2011

Odyssia's in Sidney

Odyssia's (Steak House)
Sidney : 9785 5th Street

We don't make it out to Sidney too much, but when we do it is customary to make a trip to Odyssia's for Greek food. I was a little shocked to see that it was called Odyssia's Steak House because I have never seen anyone order steak here. The Greek food is by far the BEST I have ever had in Victoria.

Every time we go, we get three basic Greek food items: the Calamari, Houmous and Pita, and the Spanakopita. (The Greek Salad is also delish... but I have no picture.)

Let's start with the Calamari.

You know how Calamari always seems to be chewy in Victoria? Well, a small venture out to Sidney will have you eating the most tender calamari ever. After eating it, you will find it extremely hard to eat calamari anywhere else again, so beware! It is perfectly fried, drizzled with freshly chopped red onion and paired with a refreshing tzatziki.

Next up, the Houmous and Pita.

I am personally not a BIG fan of Odyssia's houmous and pita, mostly because I find the houmous a bit bland. I like a really flavourful, garlic-y houmous. The pita paired with it is quite delicious though, nice and thick, lightly buttered.

Next, and probably my favourite, is the Spanakopita.

After craving this, I have tried the Spanakopita in many downtown cafes and absolutely nothing compares. The flavours are perfectly mingled, and the crust perfectly crisp. The spinach and feta in this are so fresh, you can taste that it was made that day.

I mentioned the greek salad, but having no picture, I will try my best to explain. I guess greek salad generally looks the same. Cucumbers, red onion, green peppers and tomatoes (that are so fresh they have changed my opinion about them) combine deliciously with their vinaigrette.

I'm pretty hungry now, and all I want to do is drive out to Sidney for some Greek food. I highly recommend you do the same. Treat your stomach to the best!
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